Introducing the Euphony Ensemble

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This October, Cassandra is excited to be joining a new professional choir of Arizona State alumni called the Euphony Ensemble, directed by Dr. David Schildkret. Their with inaugural concert series, Oktoberfest, will feature the love songs, waltzes, and polkas by Brahms and PDQ Bach. Concert details here


Meet the Euphony Ensemble:

We are professional musicians, mostly from Arizona State University. We love making music together, and we want you to love it, too. So we sing and play with delight in the beauty without the pretension. Go ahead, unwrap your cough drop. Eat a cookie. Snap a photo. We won't judge. 

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Music is about community.

There's no way to make music--real music--alone. Even if it's just you and a guitar or a violin or a piano, eventually you want someone else to listen, and that's where the community begins.

So Euphony isn't only about sounding beautiful. It's about the harmony of people coming together in community. 

We first formed this community at Arizona State University, where we were members of the ASU Chamber Singers. (We've also invited a few like-minded friends who went to other schools.) After graduation, we have stayed in the Phoenix area and have continued to make music with various groups around the Valley of the Sun--in church choirs, in Arizona Opera, in schools and in gigs of our own, to name a few. As fabulous as these experiences are, we found that we missed making music together. We missed being with others who shared the same outlook and training. We missed the collegiality and adventurous spirit that ASU and its School of Music embody.

So we've decided to see what we can do together. And because it's about community, we want to see what we can do to break down some traditional boundaries--without compromising quality. We will sing great music, and we'll do it at the high level we expect of ourselves. But we will do it in unusual places and in refreshing ways.

Sometimes, the best place to make music is in a concert hall or a church, and we'll do that. Other times, it's better to be where people gather: an art gallery, a restaurant, or--who knows? We're open to ideas.

We're also committed to the notion that so-called great art doesn't have to be treated with kid gloves. Music is a great gift, and like a great gift, you don't hide it away, no matter how precious you think it is. We're tired of all the rules that make it seem hard or scary to go to a concert. Clap when you want. Go ahead, take out your phone and snap a photo (though respect the right of others to enjoy the music with minimal distraction: a loud conversation with your grandma probably isn't a good idea in the middle of a piece). Enjoy the music without fear.

We are Euphony. We are about beauty and harmony and concord. And above all, we are about COMMUNITY.

Cassandra Cardenas